Smooth Talker

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Smooth Talker!

  • Unique large (5"), low profile, easy access switch.
  • 2 minutes recording time.Two loud speakers for great sound (1.4 watt amplifier)
  • Easy to use programming with LED mode indicators.
  • Play recordings as...
    • Single message
    • Sequence mode:  Play a sequence of messages one at a time.
    • Random mode:  Play messages randomly one at a time.
    • Choice mode.  Use 1st switch for one message and a 2nd switch for a second message.  Must hit switch in turn.
    • Converse mode:  Turn taking between two users...each with their own switch.
    • Prompt mode: Use 2nd switch to sequence of messages then Smooth Talker to repeat desired message.
  • 3.5mm switch input socket - connect another wired switch for alternative access or to play a choice of messages.
  • 3.5mm toy control socket (cable supplied) - connect your favorite battery operated toys.
  • Pop-up symbol holder.
  • Uses standard Big Switch Mounting Plate (not included).
  • Uses standard 9V battery (not included).

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