Dipsy Switch

  • $ 549.00


  • The Dipsy Switch is a tilt-sensitive switch which can be attached to the head, arm, finger or any appropriate object. 
  • Can be used for activation of toys, appliances, communication devices, etc. and is great for posture training. 
  • The Dipsy Switch is activated by a 30-degree tilt (head, finger, etc.) which makes it less prone to false activation. 
  • Can be adjusted for sensitivity by increasing or decreasing the switch's mounting angle. 
  • One Velcro headband and two Velcro finger mounts are included.
  • Use the Dipsy Switch to promote visual scanning so the user does not have to lose visual contact with the screen. 
  • Incorporate the switch into range of motion activities such as reaching and waving. 
  • Attach it to a rocking chair to encourage movement.



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