Optimax Wireless Joystick

Optimax Wireless Joystick

  • $ 395.00


    The very first wireless joystick designed specifically for users with motor skill difficulties! 
    • Similar to the OPTIMA Joystick but wireless. 
    • The included bi-directional radio link has an operating range of over 32 feet and provides interference free operation.
    • This is a great trackball for users who have no trouble double clicking. 
    • Features three recessed buttons;  left mouse button single click, right mouse button single click, and click/drag lock. 
    • Provides two jacks for switch operation of left-click and right click. 
    • Four cursor speed settings. 
    • Plug and software driver to install.
    • Includes three different handles; Stem, T-Bar, and Soft Ball.
    • Mac and Win compatible. 
    • Two year warranty.

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