Quha Zono Mouse

  • $ 995.00

Quha Zono Mouse!

The Quha Zono Mouse is a computer mouse for those who cannot use an ordinary mouse or Android device touchscreen.  It easily positions on the user's head, hand, foot, etc..  As the user moves such body part the mouse cursor moves correspondingly on the screen. 

Mounts and/or switches w/mounts are needed for most users. These may include the Adjustable Headband, Ball Cap, Eye Wear KitHead Mount Kit, Quha Sento Switch w/Headband (contactless puffing) or Quha Pufo Switch w/Head Mount Kit (contact puffing).  See Quha Zono Mouse Accessories for these items.

  • Consists of a transmitter which attaches to the user's body and a USB receiver which connects to the computer or Android device (requires Android Adapter) to be controlled.  Operates up to 30'.
  • Uses an accurate 3-D gyroscope to detect movement.  Direction and speed may be easily customized.
  • Use with "click" or "dwell" selection.  Click selection is accomplished via the Quha Sento Switch w/Headband by contactless puffing, Quha Pufo Switch by contact puffing, or by connecting one or two external switches to the QZ USB receiver.  Dwell selection is accomplished via the application to be controlled.
  • USB Receiver has a single 3.5 mm switch jack for single switch operation. A two-switch adapter is also included for two switches at a time.
  • Transmitter is powered by rechargeable Li-Po  battery.  Provides up to 30 hrs. of active usage or 20 days of idle time.
  • Package includes Quha Zono Mouse, USB Receiver w/Switch Jack, 2 Switch Adapter, Velcro Strap, Charging Cable, Manual and Software Setup CD.
  • Transmitter measurements:  2.3" x 1.3" x 0.6". Weight:  0.8 oz.
  • See Quha Zono Mouse Accessories for mounts and switches w/mounts.

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