Simply Works Keyboard & Keyguard

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Simply Works Keyboard & Keyguard!

A wireless keyboard that is child friendly with large keys and lowercase letters. 

  • Simple layout and color coding makes it easy to find keys.  Blue for letters, red for numbers and so on. 
  • Large keys (up to 30% larger) arranged vertically for easy locating. 
  • Lettering is up to 4 times larger than on standard keyboards. 
  • No larger than a standard keyboard. 
  • Key repeat function may be easily switched on or off. 
  • Optional clear keyguard available. 
  • 32 foot operational range.
  • Requires Simply Works Receive receiver for operating your computer. 
  • Simply Works Keyboard Starter Pack includes Simply Works Receive & Simply Works Keyboard.
  • Mac, Win, and Android Tablet compatible
  • iPad compatible when used with the Simply Works for iPad.

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