Swifty USB Switch Interface

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Swifty Switch Interface!

  • Swifty Switch Interface is able to accept single switch input, dual action switch input (when double switch has a stereo plug, such as a sip or puff switch), and input from two separate switches when used with the Swifty Cable Kit (which includes a mono to stereo adapter and USB extender)
  • Easy to setup...just plug it in! 


  • Beam Wireless Switch Transmitter is a infrared transmitter is able to send switch signals to the Swifty Switch Interface. Sends up to three switch signals that Swifty interprets as mouse buttons, joystick buttons or keyboard keys based on the configuration used. 


  • Swifty-Beam Bundle is a fully wireless (infrared) switch interface option (consists of 1 Swifty and 1 Beam). 


*Switch not included*



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