Tellus 5

  • $ 8,195.00
  • Save $ 100.00

Lower price on the Tellus 5 communication device!

The Tellus 5 is a Windows 10 based, fully integrated powerful Windows Professional-based communication device which runs the easy-to-use Mind Express 4 AAC software.  Use to speak, make phone calls, e-mail, text message, surf the web and more!

  • Provides ability to store and speak complete messages or phrase parts via pictures, pictures w/text, or simply text.  SymbolStix and Bliss symbols included.
  • Includes numerous premade professionally designed message/activity files and many more files available for free download.
  • Typing page w/powerful word prediction and phrase prediction.
  • Accessible via 13.3" color touchscreen (enhanced for outdoor viewing), built-in switch scanning (two inputs), and any USB-based input devices (joystick, eye/head tracking, etc.).
  • RealSpeak USA speech synthesizers.
  • Integrated stereo speakers w/amplification and microphone.  Easy to use Voice Banking feature!
  • Pair via Bluetooth to mobile phones (iPhone or Android) and make/receive phone calls via any input method! Text message when paired to Android phones.
  • Integrated IR ECU for appliance (TV, cable/satellite box, etc.) operation in any input method.
  • Hi capacity battery, webcam, WiFi, carrying case, external mouse, external keyboard, USB memory stick, and Daessy Mounting Plate included.
  • Able to operated the Sero! hands free telephone straight out of the box.
  • Weighs 6 lbs. 1 Year Warranty
  • Options: Keyguards, head tracking and eye tracking systems available.  Contact Key technologies for info.

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