WYNN Literacy Support Software

WYNN Literacy Support Software

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WYNN (What You Need Now) is designed for struggling readers and writers of all ages who benefit from hearing what they type as well as having text documents read aloud under their control.

WYNN Wizard is the full package including all the features below.

Wynn Reader does everything below except scanning paper documents and converting onscreen documents.  WYNN Reader is used in combination with WYNN uses documents scanned/converted by WYNN Wizard.  It is used as a lower cost solution when needing speaking documents on multiple computers.

  • Scan paper documents into onscreen talking documents. 
  • Turns text documents (paper or onscreen) into onscreen talking and visually highlighted documents. 
  • Talking word processor. 
  • Talking spell checker. 
  • Talking dictionary. 
  • Talking thesaurus.
  • Word prediction. 
  • Quickly convert MS Word and PDF documents into talking documents. 
  • Turns all web sited into talking websites. 
  • Windows version only.